It’s time to get real. Cleanliness is godliness but for those who aren’t used to it, it is also infused with laziness. As important as it sounds, no one likes to maintain cleanliness, and we always tend to make excuses to avoid cleaning our house. It requires a very high level of dedication to clean your home, and maintaining this level of cleanliness can be a drag.

Not to mention that it not only requires a lot of effort, but you also need to sacrifice other social and work commitments. If you agree to the things mentioned above, then you are on the road to accumulating the garbage in your house.


You will be happy to know that keeping your house clean is not as tedious or time-consuming as some might think. Practically speaking, this can be achieved by adopting some simple measures.

We bring you some practical tips to reduce junk in your house:

Window Shopping Only – Avoid impulse purchases

As much as we may hate to admit it, many of us are addicted to buying merchandise and cannot let go of buying redundant things to decorate our houses. There is a dual benefit to avoiding impulse purchases. 

It not only saves your money but also prevents you from accumulating unused items and loads of junk. So be very mindful of what you spend on. Make sure it is necessary. We are not asking you to live below your means, but don’t be a shopaholic either!

While you keep buying new items for your home, the old ones are either stashed away or tossed in the trash can. Neither of which is recommended. If you have things that you no longer need, consider donating or sending over to a recycling facility. This will not only help you declutter efficiently but also minimize your footprints on the environment. 

2. The Right Place For The Right Thing – Keep your cleaning supplies organized

If you have managed to surpass the laziness and muster the energy to clean your house, then congratulations! But you will agree that there is nothing more frustrating than making an additional effort in searching for cleaning supplies. 

As a result, you end up spending most of your time searching rather than cleaning. Always make sure that everything you need is organized and kept where you need them. These things might seem small and menial but it is what will save you energy and time.

3. Get Help – Seek assistance whenever required 

In a bid to save money, you end up doing a lot of things by yourself. Cleaning can be extremely tedious, and there are some things beyond your reach like disposing of old furniture, hazardous material, etc.  

In such circumstances, it is advisable to call for professional Trenton junk removal services. Besides, a professional can teach you a lot about junk removal, more than you already know! With their help, you can dispose of your unwanted junk in an environmentally friendly manner.

4.      Adapt the clean-as-you-go policy

Procrastination is not as sweet as it sounds. Though it might be obvious, this is one of the essential rules to follow. A clean-as-you-go policy means tidying up your house and ensuring everything is in order. This can go a long way in maintaining your home. 

Keeping things in order as and when you use takes very little time. But it can do wonders for the overall cleanliness of the house. Delaying it not only piles up the junk in your home, but it also becomes a colossal task later on. Having a little bit of OCD is not that bad after all!


The tips that we presented to you are simple ways of maintaining a healthy house without incurring a lot of expenses. Apply these methods and upgrade your living. After all, we all need help sometimes, right? 

Living a completely junk-free life isn’t the simplest thing to follow. But once you have learned the tips and continue to apply them, it can certainly get a whole lot easier for you!

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