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Excerpt from Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

We need more electric cars on the road

Electric cars are the cleanest, most efficient, and most cost-effective form of transportation around. Seriously, electric cars are high-performance vehicles. Those that will continue to meet new challenges in the future.

Here are some other reasons why we do need to have more electric cars on the road:

No oil changes

No spark plugs and

Also No other real repairs.
Build Your Own Electric Vehicle and electric car news

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

In addition, electric cars represent the most environmentally friendly car fuel. Especially as they have absolutely no emissions. The energy generated to power the electric car and also the energy to move the car. For it is 97 percent cleaner in terms of noxious pollutants.

Another advantage of electric motors is their ability to provide power at almost any engine speed. So whereas only 20 percent of the energy in a gas car converts to actual, useable energy. However, 75 percent or more of the energy from a battery reaches the wheels.

Most importantly, less than 2 percent of U.S. electricity is generated from oil. So using electricity as a transportation fuel would also greatly reduce dependence on imported petroleum.

Even assuming that the electricity to power the EV is not produced from rooftop solar or natural gas (let’s assume it comes 100 percent from coal). So therefore, it is still much cleaner than gasoline produced from petroleum!

The power plants are stationary sources that can be modified over time to become cleaner.

The electric car would cost no more than $1.25 to fill up regularly. In New York terms, that’s less than a token on the subway.

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EV Resources
Xos trucks

Photo courtesy of

Electrifying Times
The international magazine of electric vehicles, hybrids, fuel cells, batteries, alternative fuels, electric car racing and exhibitions

EV Marketplace

EV Marketplace

The EV Market Place is a website created specifically for buying and selling Electric Vehicles.  We are passionate about propelling the use of Electric Vehicles globally enabling a greener environment for future generations.  100% of profits from the site are donated to charities to help the environment and both local and global communities. Talk about one of the better green living companies!

EV World

Promotes sustainable transportation with a focus on the people and policy, as well as technology.

Formula E

Green Car Reports

History of Electric Scooters

If you have been around any larger cities recently, odds are you have seen tons of those rideshare electric scooters around. The eco-friendly nature and convenience of electric scooters have seen an explosion in their popularity in recent years. With the fast proliferation of these electric scooters, one may think that electric scooters are a relatively recent phenomenon.

Interestingly enough, did you know that the first patent of an electric motorbike actually dates back to 189.  For that’s a full year before the invention of the first gas-powered motorbike? Let’s take a deep dive into the history of the electric scooter to see where it all started.

Nowadays, there are dozens of electric scooter manufacturers.  For I mean in several countries.  Also and they are becoming a common sight in most cities. Several rideshare companies like Uber and Lime have electric scooters.  Those that you can rent for one-off trips. People favor electric scooters due to their portability.  Moreover their ease of use.  Also their low environmental footprint.  Then you have less maintenance, and fewer regulations.  That’s compared to more traditional methods of transportation.

The fuel cost of a gas-powered scooter is almost 4 times as high as an electric scooter and gas-powered scooters actually emit more greenhouse gasses than cars proportional to their size. The current fastest electric scooter on the market is the NANROBOT LS7 which can reach a top speed of 52 mph, almost highway speeds.

So you can see why people are so excited about electric scooters and why this trend is probably here to stay.

Source: Electric Vehicle Association 

Original Electric Vehicle Association has numerous local chapters.

There are offshoots from the original, and new local entities having no connection with the original. There are also associations and organizations designed to serve corporate and commercial interests rather than individuals. Each one of these has its own meetings, events, and newsletter.

Electric Vehicle Association
Founded in 1967, this is the oldest, largest organization, and has consistently been the best source of EV information for the individual. The newsletter subscription is well worth the price of the membership dues. Recent newsletters have averaged 16 to 20 pages and provide information on current EV news and happenings. I can’t emphasize enough the invaluable knowledge on tap in the members of this organization. The experience level of the various drivers who have built their own conversions can shorten one’s learning curve substantially.

Information on and photos of the many samples of conversions done over the years by this organization can be found at

Here are some EAA local chapters—maybe there’s one near you.

Special Interest Chapters

California Cars Initiative
CalCars — California Car Initiative to develop clean, efficient, and practical vehicles.

PlugInAmerica ( — a coalition EV drivers, and clean air and energy independence advocates (PlugInAmerica is an affiliated organization). This coalition advocates the use of plug-in cars, trucks and SUVs powered by cleaner, cheaper, domestic electricity to reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment.

Mailing: P.O. Box 1174, El Segundo, CA 90245
Meetings: Please contact for details

Electric Drive Transportation Association
1101 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 401
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 408-0774
EDTA is the preeminent industry association dedicated to advancing electric drive as a core technology on the road to sustainable mobility. As an advocate for the adoption of electric drive technologies.  Because EDTA serves as the unified voice for the industry and is the primary source of information and education related to electric drive. Our membership includes a diverse representation of vehicle and equipment manufacturers.  For that’s including energy providers, component suppliers and end users.” (

National Electric Drag Racing Association
3200 Dutton Avenue #220
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) exists to increase public awareness of electric vehicle performance and to encourage through competition.  It also,
advances in electric vehicle technology. Finally, NEDRA achieves this by organizing and sanctioning safe, silent, and exciting electric vehicle drag racing events.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)
23 Ames Street
Greenfield, MA 01301
(413) 774-6051

Supports electric vehicle initiatives in the Northeast.

In addition, NESEA is the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (  For it was founded in 1974.  Most importantly, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) is today the region’s leading membership organization promoting sustainable energy practices in the built environment. We as professionals in the fields of renewable energy and building embrace whole systems thinking as the path to sustainability, and we accomplish this by focusing on three core elements:

Creating and supporting a diverse, multidisciplinary network

Promoting sustainable energy solutions for the built environment

Rigorously vetting solutions through our network of professionals – no greenwashing here.

Headquartered in Greenfield, MA, NESEA operates primarily in the six New England states plus New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, but we increasingly reach out to share ideas nationally and internationally.

Solar Energy Expo and Rally (SEER)
239 S. Main Street
Willits, CA 95490
(707) 459-1256
Host for annual “Tour de Mendo,” when Willits temporarily becomes the solar
capital of the world.

Solar and Electric Racing Association
11811 N. Tatum Boulevard, Suite 301
Phoenix, AZ 85028
(602) 953-6672
Organizes annual Solar and Electric 500 in Phoenix and promotes electric vehicles.

Plug-In Vehicle Advocacy

EAA Plug-in Hybrid Special Interest Group( — develop and document the modifications needed to convert hybrid electric vehicles into a “plug in” hybrid. The goal is to make conversion plans available as well as a list of parts needed.

PlugIn Partners

EV Research
Dr. Andrew Frank has done research on electric vehicle technology since 1971 and is widely recognized as the father of the modern plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

Electric Vehicle Development

AC Propulsion ( — developer of the tZero super-car, numerous conversions, and technologies. They are leading green living companies because of their work with for example Tesla Motors!

Charging station location links, recommend ReCarGo or PlugShare first

Car Stations

Blink network 

EV Connect our newest partner in infrastructure

Station Locations
Government Links

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

U.S. Department of Energy

DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Batteries, Charging and EVs for the US Department of Energy

With their immense potential for increasing the country’s energy security, economic vitality, and quality of life, plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

For that’s including plug-in hybrid electric and all-electric vehicles. I mean they will play a key role in the country’s transportation future.

The Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) supports a variety of work to lower the cost and increase the convenience of PEVs. So, the VTO is collaborating with national laboratories and industry to improve batteries and electric drive systems.

To maximize these technologies’ effectiveness, researchers use simulation and modeling software to create virtual vehicles based on data collected from vehicles on the road and in the laboratory through the Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA).

In addition, VTO also works with national laboratories and key stakeholders to advance the development and use of PEV charging infrastructure. Three broad principles guide VTO efforts in this area and are intended to support communities, companies, and others as they plan for future PEV charging availability.

The office closely coordinates with other Federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Transportation, state and local governments, industry partners, and other key stakeholders to serve current and future PEV drivers across America:

Community and fleet readiness activities.  For those that connect local governments and private fleets with our nearly 100 Clean Cities coalitions around the country.

Moreover, the PEV Readiness Scorecard helps communities assess how prepared they are for PEV drivers/. while a number of cities are already finding ways to improve planning, increase training, and cut red tape through PEV community readiness projects.

Furthermore. VTO partners with a number of organizations and companies to train the American workforce to develop, build, repair, and respond to incidents with these vehicles.  VTO has sponsored student competitions in advanced vehicles for more than 25 years, with the latest focusing on transforming a conventional Chevrolet Camaro into a PEV without compromising performance, safety, or consumer acceptability.

In conclusion, VTO’s Batteries, Charging, and Electric Vehicles program aims to research new battery chemistry and cell technologies.  All that can:

Reduce the cost of electric vehicle batteries to less than $100/kWh—ultimately $80/kWh

Increase range of electric vehicles to 300 miles

Decrease charge time to 15 minutes or less.

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Plug-In and Gas Hybrids Top GreenerCars’ 2022 Ratings as Automakers Shift to Larger EVs February 16, 2022 | Washington, DC—All-electric vehicles (EVs) now account for fewer of the dozen greenest cars available, partly because of a shift toward larger and heavier EVs that are less environmentally friendly, according to this year’s GreenerCars ratings, released today by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

Demand for EV Battery Supplies Strengthens the Lithium Market
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