Green Lighting

Flip the switch to energy-efficient lighting

This do-it-yourself guide makes it easy to upgrade residential and commercial lighting to reduce costs and environmental impact while maintaining or even improving the quality of the lighting. Filled with step-by-step instructions, Green Lighting shows you how to save money and energy with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), compact fluorescent lighting (CFL), solar lights, windows, skylights, fixtures, controls, and other bright ideas. Methods for calculating return on investment, plus recommended sources for energy-efficient products, are included in this practical resource. Green Lighting covers:  Green Lighting

  • Color temperature measurements
  • In-depth details on the differences between LEDs and CFLs
  • How utilities bill for electricity usage
  • Comparing wattage and determining energy savings
  • ENERGY STAR® ratings
  • Purchasing appropriate bulbs, fixtures, and sensors
  • Developing a comprehensive green lighting plan for your entire home, office, or commercial environment
  • Incandescent, halogen, and gas-discharge lighting
  • Solar and next-generation lighting

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The Benefits of Changing Your Lighting;
Chapter 2. Basic Lighting Terms and Explanations;
Chapter 3. Incandescent, Halogen, and Gas-Discharge Lighting;
Chapter 4. Fluorescent Lighting;
Chapter 5. Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs);
Chapter 6.Fixtures and Controls;
Chapter 7. Beyond Energy to Green Lighting Materials;
Chapter 8. Lighting Best Practices and Daylighting;
Chapter 9. Solar and Next-Generation Lighting;
Appendix. Resources;