Tanna Fredrick is running the LA Marathon to raise funds for her non-profit, Project Save Our Surf, a wonderful organization that provides underprivledged and special needs children camp, gives clean water to children and families both domestically and internationaly and helps with water related disaster relief.

Project Save Our Surf’s camps provide underprivledged and special needs

Foubser of Project Save Our Surf running LA Maraton to raise funds

children the hands on opportunity to experience surfing, yoga, art, and beach cleanup, recycling and eco system education. These activities are designed to empower and inspire.

Water changes the lives of children, as Fredrick says:

We consider it our mission to fight for clean water including something that should never be a luxury – access to safe water. Every 15 seconds a child dies because of contaminated water. Meanwhile a single $50 filter can provide clean water to a village of 100 for a year.

To join me in making a difference for our oceans, waterways and children everywhere, just make a donation of any amount. I’ll lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement to earn your support!

To help out Tanna Fredrick by contributing click here

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