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However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

A while back I got followed on Twitter by Cox Enterprises, which I’ve known is big time media.  In addition to communications and automotive services company! (Never knew that. Wow)

The company has invested more than $116 million in sustainability projects. 

That’s since the launch of their national sustainability program, Cox Conserves, way back in 2007. Conserves Solar install, Manheim, Portland Oregon

Cox Conserves, Manheim Solar Installation (Stockbridge, GA)

Through Cox Conserves, they aim to drive positive environmental change.  All within the company and in the communities they serve.

Cox Conserves’ goals are to send zero waste to landfill by 2024.  For they want to carbon and water neutral by 2044.

As part of their sustainability initiatives, Cox Enterprises has completed a total of 30 solar projects.

On May 3rd, the Cox Conserves team announced the opening of four new solar farms across Georgia and Florida.  All as part of the Southeast Solar Farm Fund. Cox is a major investor to this $25M project.  In addition to the largest solar opening the company has completed to date.  Combined this is in partnership with PEC Velo.

Yet this is just one example of the company’s commitment to renewable energy.  These types of sustainable technology are always investments that I love talking about!

Concentrating on three sectors:

  1. sustainable agriculture
  2. water utilities
  3. and renewable energy

Because the Cox Cleantech team addresses environmental challenges facing the world and transform them into opportunity for positive change. They get it, aka  Sustainability Bug. They understand that “Susty” means cash money nowadays. Rates of return on Solar are too great not to consider renewable energies.

In their words:

Cox Enterprises believes that what is good for the environment is good for the bottom line, so the company is always looking for innovation and technologies to invest in.

Good for the Planet, Good for Business

Most importantly, Cox Enterprises is proud of their commitment to the environment. For Cox Conserves knows (the bottom line doesn’t lie).  That’s because you can do well by doing good. They also know that corporate social responsibility is key to attracting and retaining young talent. Millennial jobseekers, in particular, work for companies that committed to reducing their impact on the planet.

The Power of Solar

Now, these four installations will produce enough electricity to power 2,200 homes annually. Moreover, the energy produced prevents 13,850 tons of carbon. All from entering the environment each year.  For that’s equal to removing nearly 3,300 cars from the road per year. Combined, all four locations are made up of 42,000 panels!

Now look!

I think this is bigger than just Cox Enterprises. Imagine if every company did something like Cox. Now imagine if the biggest company provided energy to the grid that was green and cheaper? It’s profitable to go green. I’m not into hurting companies and moreover their bottom line. Then they wouldn’t finally call me. They call me because I also understand the profitable opportunities for consumers.  Also, government and business should go Solar like Cox Conserves. Then they would themselves be more profitable.

Source: Cox Conserves