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To begin, Sheraton Montazah makes going green super easy. From the many green tips staff are being educated and to the sustainability measurements. Measurements therefore taken in all hotel operations. These are including recycling, energy conservation, carbon footprint reduction and most noteworthy waste management.

So a few years ago, climate change really started to come into focus. In addition people began to think how we need protecting our mother Earth. As well as the ways creating a sustainable hospitality industry. Therefore many hotels and resorts started their green programs. Those being a first choice for many guests and travelers since last decade.

hotel operations including recycling, energy efficiency for savings. All in Arlington Virginia

Governments are also encouraging their people to go green while traveling. Statistics of the US shows that 43 million Americans are therefore ecologically concerned. In addition many travelers all over the globe are putting green hotels and airlines first. That and green programs at their first preference.

From that point, this Hotel lead going green located in the charming Alexandria. They started their green plans implementation setting the hotel as a an excellent model of sustainable tourism. Furthermore and on the Mediterranean. Therefore adhering to their customers’ voice who prefer to spend their dollars in hotels  that protect the destination they love to visit.

hotel operations including recycling energy Efficiency

Sheraton Montazah makes going green super easy. In addition, from the many green tips staff are being educated in their day to day work to the sustainability measurements taken in all hotel operations including recycling, energy conservation, carbon footprint reduction.. etc.
Eng. Mounir Ismail; Chief Engineer of the Hotel and his green  team have set the plans towards green thinking  implementation that will help making guest stay as enjoyable, memorable and sustainable as possible.

Sheraton Montazah green council announced its plan in 3 main areas to improve the planet, giving hotel customers a chance to ” green their stay” . The plan called ” Green your Sheraton Hotel  stay” which basically adopt following actions:

Waste Management:  including recycling, hazardous /controlled waste management, organic waste management Styrofoam elimination, amenity management, bottled water alternatives, sustainable food & beverage and environmentally preferred products.

Energy and Water Conservation:  First off, through high efficiency lighting, occupancy sensors, toilet & urinal efficiency. As well as low flow faucets and showerheads.

In addition, Preventive Maintenance being an important and essential factor. One that ensures all equipment and systems perform their intended function. That’s with reliably and efficiently. Thereby promoting energy and water conservation.

In conclusion, Sheraton Montazah Hotel is a 5 star hotel. Therefore comprising of 289 well decorated rooms and suites, most of them overlook former King Farouk’s summer palace and parks on one side and the Mediterranean shoreline on the other. Finally, hotel services include international and local cuisine. In addition bars, discotheque, pool, private beach, business centre, clour lounge, fitness facilities inlcuding sauna, massage and gym. room and Link@Sheraton free internet corner and cafe.

Source: PR Web

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