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Accell’s AxFAST Portable Electric Vehicle Charger is also a Portable Electric Vehicle Charger Level 2!

Accell’s AxFAST Portable Electric Vehicle Charger will be specially priced at $279.99!!

So Accell is a provider of creative Powramid power. Also they do electric vehicle charging products. As well as enhanced connectivity solutions. Yet they are also at selling their EV Charger.

In addition, it all started with a special Black Friday promotion. All for its premier electric vehicle charger (EVSE).

However and now the AxFAST Portable Electric Vehicle Charger Level 2 is really inexpensive. Regularly it was priced at $369.99. Now the Accell’s AxFAST Portable Electric Vehicle Charger is available for $281.72 delivered.

Consequently, supporting the SAE J1772 standard Accell’s AxFAST product works. It’s with the Nissan LEAF. Also the Toyota Prius Prime and BMW i3. As well as  the FIAT 500e. Finally the Chevrolet Volt and Bolt EV, as well as Tesla*.

For it can be used with a 120/240V power source. In addition and out of the box, users can plug it into the standard grounded NEMA 5-15 (120V). As well as a NEMA 6-20 (240V) outlet.

Also, the charger can be mounted to a wall.  That’s via the mounting bracket on the back of the unit. As well as it can be removed from the wall for portability.

Accell’s AxFAST Portable Electric Vehicle Charger

Furthermore, the charging gun follows the standard for USA electric vehicles.  For it is also built with premium materials.  They do that for ultra-toughness and a waterproof rating. Therefore, a rating of IP55. All which is making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Accell’s EVSE charges at a range from 90V to 135V for Level 1. Finally a 190V to 250V for Level 2.

Electric Cars Can Be Plugged In On a Plug

That is also one of the greatest parts about electric cars. Electric cars CAN have plugs. So chargers can go up to 20 amps. All so your car CAN plug in.  Plug into your standard household 120-volt AC outlet.

Top Image: Electric vehicle in car sharing station, Milan, Italy. Viappy /
Electric vehicle in car sharing station, Milan, Italy. Viappy /

Higher current capacity electric car chargers require a dedicated 240-volt AC circuit?

As well, Accell’s AxFAST Portable EVSE Level 2 Charger features the following items:

  1. A 24.6 ft cable which consequently is the longest allowed.  That’s for safe charging by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  2. In addition, a 120/240V capable out of the box. Hence it’s also NEMA 6-20 and NEMA 5-15.
  3. It’s also a portable Charger too. For it’s weighing only eight lbs. It also comes with a carry case.
  4. Easy to read lighted front panel. One that also automatically detects charging voltage. Most noteworthy, prevents under and over voltage operations
  5. As well as a grounded AC plug and dead band restriction. Thereby providing safety protection. Also with a built to limit Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).
  6. The EV Charger is also designed in California by Accell.
  7. Finally, it’s a US-based Accell support and two-year manufactures limited warranty

Now Ford electric vehicles can use it too.



Ford Connected Charge Stations are coming to town and Network. It’s a Ford an all-electric North American electric vehicle public charging network that’s the largest in the land.

That’s with more than 12,000 places to charge, including fast charging, and more than 35,000 charge plugs. Thereby more than any other automotive manufacturer. Finally addressing a big concern for those switching to all-electric cars!

New Ford all-electric vehicles, including the Mustang-inspired SUV arriving next year. It will consequently come standard with a Ford Mobile Charger. Also that can charge regardless of outlet power (120- and 240-volt outlets). Furthermore, for those with longer commutes or who want greater peace of mind. That’s because a Ford Connected Charge station can fully power a vehicle overnight while they sleep. Ford is collaborating with Amazon in the U.S. for all your installation services. Coming at cha with from 240V outlets to the Ford Connected Charge Station.


In conclusion, to purchase Accell’s AxFAST at the promotional price of $281.72 please visit Finally, for more information about Accell’s AxFAST and other product lines, please visit

I have also written for example about Audi charging too!

Electric parking spaces

The fundamental decision to electrify ten percent of all parking spaces. A decision was made by mostly legislators. That’s ok because we need the planning and expansion.

Also the energy supply on this scale alone takes multiple years. This was also talked about carrying out. All during the setup stage and ongoing production. Also at the locations is a particular challenge.

In this context, the charging points are expanded. Consequently to suit the needs of the employees and other people. All using the parking lot. Subsequently, the project team designs the EV charging infrastructure. It also sets operating rules. Above all, they also provide a hotline and support team. Recording that also complies with calibration law and invoicing of the charging procedures. Because all parts are important aspects.

*Tesla requires an additional adapter (not included).

Source: ACCELL Corporation

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