The sun and its light are just wonderful. Apart from its importance to all living organisms, the glow it brings on the earth is none comparable. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of solar is that it can be harnessed to power our activities. Since solar energy is renewable, it is more efficient and solar-powered gadgets than any other kind of energy you can think of.

Solar gadgets

This is why in recent years, we have seen tremendous advancement in solar energy technologies. Also, there are countless solar-powered gadgets out there to make our lives easier. For instance, whether you love to adventure away from home or looking forward to spending some time off the grid, solar-powered devices come in handy.

In this piece, we shall highlight some of the top solar gadgets that will make your life easier.

1. Solar-Powered LED Lamp

Truth be told, outdoor camping experiences are amazing. However, your peace, serenity, and tranquility can be ruined by the annoying buzz of garden insects. If you’re fond of camping in summer when the bugs are everywhere, the folks at recommend getting one or a few solar-powered LED lamps. Also known as bug zappers, these lamps are designed to kill or scare away bugs that might invade your territory and ruin your comfort. This will help you enjoy your outdoor camping experience to the maximum.

2. Solar Power Bank

This external USB battery pack is a must-have for persons on the go. Provided they are USB-compatible, you can charge your phone or other gadgets even while hiking or taking a stroll. Moreover, with this solar power bank, you don’t have to worry in case you get caught outside in the dark. Most of them come with a solar-powered flashlight, not forgetting other incredible features such as a waterproof design.

3. Solar-Powered Watch

Often, our favorite watches use a small battery to power them on. When the battery dies, you will certainly need to replace it with a new one. For solar-powered watches, however, you could charge the timepiece while on your wrist since it runs purely on solar power. Additionally, with a solar-powered watch, you reduce producing more waste since the energy is clean and renewable as compared to throwing away dead batteries to our environments. Think about the thrill of owning a solar-powered watch! Who would want that?

4. Solar-Powered Outdoor Motion Sensors

While we all need a motion sensor light on our property, it is usually annoying to keep replacing the light bulb. Nevertheless, that is not the case with the solar-powered outdoor motion sensor lights since they charge with the sunlight during the day and function perfectly at night.

5. Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

With this solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your music from anywhere provided that there is enough sunlight. Let’s face it; it is frustrating to bring your Bluetooth speaker to a pool party, only to realize that you forgot to charge it. Additionally, this particular Bluetooth speaker is robust enough to withstand all kinds of outdoor activities. For instance, it is waterproof, meaning you can carry this bad boy out on the lake, river, beach, or even when hiking without missing out on your favorite tunes.

6. Solar Backpack

If you are looking for a more practical alternative to the solar charger, this solar backpack could be ideal as you can walk or hike around while charging your smartphone and related USB devices such as the DSLR cameras while carrying your other belongings. The Solar backpack uses high-efficiency solar panels that convert light energy into electrical energy.

7. Solar BBQ Grill

The solar-powered grill stores heat in a sealed container. The heat is generated through melted salt for six hours or so depending on the environment. You can use this cooker for cooking your food even after 3-to-5 hours later, provided the salt is fully melted.

Even if this solar BBQ grill is still in the prototype stage, they are already in the market, and they are going to be a game-changer. Moreover, this solar cooker is perfect for boiling water when preparing your meals. They are also ideal when planning a camping trip since they are easy to use, efficient, and portable.

While there are other countless easy-to-use solar-powered gadgets out there in the market, the gadgets highlighted in this article would make one’s life easier. You just buy them, plug them in and let the sun do the rest. 

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