10 Green College Campuses

You might be thinking about potentially going to college. There are many to consider, but your future university needs to align with your most closely held values. If you live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you should check out these green college campuses to see if they have degree paths that could help you achieve the future you want without compromising your sustainability.

1. Colorado State University

Many people move to Colorado because the state prioritizes green efforts. Colorado State University is one of the area’s best examples because of how its CSU Sustainability Fund improves every student’s experience. It recently packaged campus leftovers and provided 1,600 community meals to reduce its food waste.

2. University of Maine

Maine’s rolling hills and dense forest make it the perfect environment for sustainably-minded students. If you enroll at the University of Maine, you’ll join other eco-friendly leaders and participate in campus-wide initiatives. UMaine’s composting system turns 400,000 pounds of food into compost every year to reduce waste and fertilize the grounds without chemical products.

3. University of California San Diego

The sustainability department at the University of California San Diego’s campus runs eco-friendly organizations across 10 campuses and five medical centers that reduce every student’s carbon footprint. If you enroll there, you can rest easy knowing that the campus supports the planet’s wellbeing. Use your time to chase highly-esteemed degrees at its medical center and launch your dream medical career.

Afterward graduating, you can take tests like the internal medicine board exam, which requires students to finish their pre and post-medical studies before becoming certified as internists and beginning their careers. You’ll get the education you need to pass the exam on your first try without enrolling at a university that compromises your green values.

4. Arizona State University Tempe

Merge your professional dreams with a sustainable education by enrolling at the Arizona State University campus at Tempe. The college offers over 800-degree paths and numerous opportunities for anyone interested in an eco-friendly future. Enjoy the on-campus sustainability programs while studying something you’re passionate about, like how Pacific Island communities can build to withstand climate events at the upcoming NOAA-funded ASU research center.

5. Seattle University

Students and staff at Seattle University view environmental activism as a necessary part of daily life and a form of climate justice. Over 27 clubs host events weekly, while the campus avoids selling plastic water bottles or using chemical landscaping products. Since 2009, the campus has also reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 19% and that number continues to drop every year.

6. Florida Gulf Coast University

Coastal communities stand to lose the most from climate change. Therefore, Florida Gulf Coast Unversity engages its students in environmental programs. It does so through its Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability department. There are service-learning programs to get students involved in the local environment, commitments to green alternatives for everything on-campus and numerous affiliations with national eco-friendly organizations that make the school one of the most notable green college campuses.

7. Randolph College

Recycling programs, pollinator gardens, and electric vehicle charging stations are just a few reasons why Randolph College ranks among the top green universities in the nation. It received the nomination because the campus utilizes green energy and enforces sustainable policies. Not to mention, it prepares students with an environmentally-friendly education for whatever degree path they choose.

8. Stanford University

Stanford’s legacy has many awards and groundbreaking graduates, but it also features numerous green efforts. Since the early 2000s, the campus has worked to eliminate fossil fuels and waste. That’s while becoming the leader in energy and climate actions among other universities. By 2022, Stanford leaders expect the campus to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% after the Stanford Solar Generating Station begins to power every building.

9. Bates College

Bates College students know that being on-campus during the winter creates a unique challenge for environmentally-friendly lifestyles. The university’s sustainability roadmap charted the way to improve heat capture, insulate buildings and switch to LED lighting to reduce the campus’s carbon footprint by 30% since it announced its efforts in 2001. Enjoy the entirely carbon-neutral campus while you’re getting your degree. You’ll fit right in with the other sustainably-minded students hoping to help the environment.

10. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The Sustainable Carolina leaders at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill prioritize reducing carbon emissions and recycling. In addition, they approach a greener education differently than other campuses. They upgrade all campus facilities to create net-zero water usage and stop sending waste to landfills. Moreover, their efforts earned the university a GOLD rating by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE’s)  Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARs) program.

Find Green College Campuses

It’s essential to find a university that aligns with your values. Especially because you will spend years and thousands of dollars working within one of their programs. Select an option from these green college campuses and you won’t have to worry about compromising your sustainable lifestyle. Just to get the degree you desire.

Kara Reynolds is the Editor-in-Chief of Momish Magazine and believes in science, that climate change is real, and is doing her part to keep Mother Earth healthy for the future of her four kids.