While I drove the VW ID.4 first edition, the AWD PRO S is another league folks  Faster, more toys and more energy density for range. For this ID.4 competes in the world’s largest market segment. I mean compact SUVs. So that’s the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester and the Toyota RAV4.

The VW ID.4 offer structure is simple.

Moreover, Pro S models are priced from $45,730 for rear-wheel drive and $49,410 for all-wheel drive (which I test drove). That’s also adding standout styling elements. For that’s along with creature comfort and convenience features. A Gradient Package is available for $1,500, and includes larger wheels and further design differentiators.

Destination for all VW ID.4 model is $1,195. Plus don’t forget the $7,500 tax credit from the Feds!

Electric Motors Rule All!

So the VW ID.4 AWD adds an asynchronous electric motor on the front axle. Then the front unit has a maximum output of 107 horsepower and 119 pound-feet of torque. Together, the system has a maximum output of 295 horsepower and 339 lb-ft of torque. With its instantly available torque, the VW ID.4 AWD Pro can reach 60 mph. That’s from a 0-60 in about 5 plus seconds.


For rear-wheel-drive models, the EPA-estimated range on a single charge is 290 plus miles in all eco mode of the Pro model. With heat about 268 miles for the Pro S. However, the EPA-estimated fuel economy for the Pro S is 115 MPGe in city driving. In addition, 97 MPGe in highway driving. Lastly and 106 MPGe in combined city/highway driving.

An VW ID.4 is equipped with an 82kWh (gross) battery pack.  For that’s comprised of 288 pouch cells in 12 modules. It is positioned in the underbody to create a low center of gravity. All for optimal driving dynamics as well as extremely well-balanced weight distribution and weighs 1,087 pounds.

Charging News

Most excitingly, the VW ID.4 improves the DC fast-charging speed for model year 2022. That’s from 125 kW to 135 kW. In addition, the 2022 VW ID.4 comes with three years of unlimited 30-minute charging sessions. For that’s at Electrify America DC fast chargers. That’s at no additional cost. Thereby helping to inspire range confidence.


This ID.4 has a strut-type front suspension! One with lower control arms, coil springs, telescopic dampers and an anti-roll bar.

Drivers can decide for themselves how comfortable or sporty they want the ID.4 to be.

I mean with the Driving Mode Selection. This influences the steering weight. Also throttle response and electric drive motors.

Rear of VW ID.4 Pro S







Four modes are standard:

  1. Eco
  2. Comfort
  3. Sport
  4. and Custom.

Eco mode is designed for more efficient driving and tempers throttle response. Comfort mode ensures high driving comfort. Sport mode adds more responsive steering and throttle response.

Wheel and Brakes

Pro S and AWD Pro S models upgrade to 20-inch wheels. All when outfitted with the Gradient package. Finally, the wheels are aerodynamically optimized by their flat design. So the tires are optimized for low rolling resistance.

In addition, a combination of brake types is used on ID.4. It also features disc brakes on the front wheels and drums at the rear. Making the difference being specific to electric vehicle needs. As EVs rely on regenerative braking, disc brakes on the rear take over. For it can be less effective than drums. Especially after long periods of not being put to heavy use.

Plus, the regenerative braking system in the ID.4 is also designed for efficiency.

Vw ID.4 AWD Pro S


Large LED headlights give the electric SUV a friendly but focused expression. An LED strip at the top of the headlight functions. All as the Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). Then Pro S and AWD Pro S models add premium LED projector headlights.

Finally an illuminated light line stretching towards the center of the vehicle. Thereby creating a striking light signature. Also, headlights feature a diamond-pattern design on the housing. Finally, Pro S and AWD Pro S models also sport an illuminated Volkswagen logo.

Colors of the ID.4

Here we go!!

  1. Glacier White Metallic
  2. Mythos Black Metallic
  3. Moonstone Grey
  4. Scale Silver Metallic
  5. Blue Dusk Metallic (which I drove)
  6. and King’s Red Metallic.


Passenger volume is similar to the Tiguan despite the overall smaller footprint, with 99.9 cubic feet total. Legroom is a comfortable 41.1 inches for front passengers and 37.6 inches in the rear seat. Cargo volume is 30.3 cubic feet behind the second row, and 64.2 cubic feet with the seats folded.

Interior of back seats VW ID.4 Pro S










Volkswagen’s first fully-electric SUV features a modern, airy interior design with a 5.3-inch ID.Cockpit attached to the steering column. All so that it’s always positioned ideally in the line of sight. Also and the traditional gearshift is replaced by a large rocker switch on the right. The dash panel appears to float. So it’s like it’s not connected to the center console. Its front section drops down towards the interior in steps. All the while decorative trim separates the top and bottom halves.

The optional panoramic fixed-glass roof stretches across almost the entire surface of the roof, letting light in and reinforcing the feeling of spaciousness. An electric sunshade helps prevent the interior from heating up on sunny days, and can be controlled via a touch slider above the driver or through the infotainment screen.

Lighting Moods

Loving the upscale interior is further highlighted by ambient lighting. All ID.4 models include ten-color ambient lighting; Pro S and AWD Pro S models feature a stunning 30-color ambient lighting system with pre-set “moods”, as well as a slider bar in the infotainment system to customize.

Adding to the relaxed vibe of the interior, the ID.4 is unusually quiet. One reason for this is the sophisticated aero-acoustics. All which come into play in details such as the shape of the exterior mirror housings and the acoustic windshield.







Tech and Infotainment

A 10-inch Discover Pro touch infotainment display is located in the middle of the dash panel. One angled slightly towards the driver. This screen can be configured to driver preference, and manages the standard navigation system. That’s all with telematics, entertainment, driver-assistance systems and vehicle settings. For it is also upgraded to a 12-inch Discover Pro Max infotainment display on Pro S and AWD Pro S.

Menus can also be moved using gesture control. For that’s simply swiping one’s hand in front of the screen. Sliders for volume and temperature adjustment are located on the inclined surface below the display.

Also it is upgraded to a 12-inch Discover Pro Max infotainment display on Pro S and AWD Pro S.

Amazon Alexa Use

Emergency Assistance

Car-Net Hotspot

Travel Assist

This system utilizes front and rear radar. So a front camera and several ultrasound sensors to collect data from the surrounding area. Thereby enabling Travel Assist (semi-automated driving assistance). Also Front Assist (Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring). Then Active Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert. Finally Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Stop and Go and Lane Assist (Lane Keeping System). Then and Emergency Assist (semi-automated vehicle assistance in a medical emergency).

In addition to IQ.DRIVE, the ID.4 includes standard Park Distance Control, Dynamic Road Sign Display, and Light Assist (High Beam Control for headlights).

Comfort and Convenience Features

The ID.4 offers a range of comfort and convenience features found throughout the rest of the brand’s lineup. Standard features include:

  1. advanced KESSY® keyless access with proximity unlocking
  2. rain-sensing wipers
  3. auto-dimming rearview mirror
  4. and dual-zone Climatronic® Touch climate control.

Safety and Driver Assistance Technology
To help protect occupants, the ID.4 provides a combination of both passive and active safety systems. It features six airbags as standard—front and side airbags for front passengers. Then side curtain airbags for outboard seating positions.

The ID.4 includes standard IQ.DRIVE® advanced driver assistance technology. Thereby featuring hands-on semi-autonomous capability. On the highway, IQ.DRIVE features lane centering. Finally and a capacitive steering wheel to make driving easier. Around town, IQ.DRIVE alerts you to surprise obstacles in front of you. It also keeps an eye around you to help make driving safer.

The system also utilizes:

  1. front and rear radar
  2. a front camera and several ultrasound sensors to collect data from the surrounding area, enabling Travel Assist (semi-automated driving assistance)
  3. Front Assist (Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring)
  4. Active Side Assist; Rear Traffic Alert; Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Stop and Go; Lane Assist (Lane Keeping System)
  5. and Emergency Assist (semi-automated vehicle assistance in a medical emergency).

Within physical system limits, Forward Collision Warning

Active Side Assist

This system not only warns the driver with the flashing LED symbol if a vehicle is detected in the blind spot. However within system limits, it can also counter-steer. That’s to help keep the car in its lane even if the turn signal is on. If the driver still tries to steer out of the lane, the system will warn. Especially with an additional vibration of the steering wheel.

Moreover, the Rear Traffic Alert system is intended to detect vehicles approaching. All from the side that may be difficult for the driver to see while reversing. Then the system offers a 180-degree view of the back of the car with a range of 65 feet. Finally and will present a visual and an acoustic warning. All so if a potential collision with a crossing vehicle is detected. If the driver does not react, the system can apply the brakes to help mitigate. Moreover in the best case, can prevent a collision. The system is activated by putting the car in reverse.

Trunk space VW ID.4 AWD PRO S







Lane Assist (Lane Keeping System)

The system will not intervene if it cannot properly detect lane markings. If the turn signal has been set before crossing a lane marking, the Lane Assist system will not intervene or give a warning. The driver can override the system at any time by applying minimal force to the steering wheel.

Emergency Assist can bring the vehicle to a stop if the driver is incapacitated.

Emergency Assist constantly monitors the driver’s attentiveness by checking the input of their hands on the steering wheel. If the system does not detect driver input, a series of warnings (visual, audible, and brake jolts) will occur. If still no input is detected, Emergency Assist will slow the vehicle to a gradual stop in its own lane and activate hazard lights. Emergency Assist requires Lane Assist to be active for the system to intervene.

In addition to IQ.DRIVE, the ID.4 includes standard Park Distance Control, Dynamic Road Sign Display, and Light Assist (High Beam Control for headlights).

Park Distance Control uses ultrasonic sensors located in the front and rear bumpers. All to monitor a range of up to approximately five feet in front or behind the vehicle. The system may also activate below 9 mph. For it helps provide guidance when parking or in tight spaces. The system also has audible and visual warnings. Especially when the car starts to approach parked cars. Finally or static objects of sufficient size from the rear.

Maneuver Braking, a part of the Park Distance Control system.

For it is intended to mitigate or help prevent collisions with detected static obstacles to the front and rear while the vehicle is maneuvered. The system is active between 1-6 mph. If the system detects a stationary object, it can apply the brakes automatically to help prevent or mitigate a collision. The system can be deactivated at any time using the touch display or permanently in the setup menu.

Dynamic Road Sign Display uses a forward-facing camera. That’s to detect and read road signs. Then the system alerts the driver on infotainment screen. Located in the center console and on the ID.Cockpit instrument display.

Light Assist automatically switches on the headlamp high beams. They do this above 37 mph on dark or poorly lit roads. Also if there is no oncoming traffic detected. Below 18 mph, the high beams automatically switch off.

What I think!

I honestly believe it’s a competitive car. All for VW vibe lovers. It’s definitely a mid size SUV. Also, I hardly had to really fast charge it for trips. Most times when I got home I charged on a 110 outlet. For it was pretty much fully charged overnight. Most importantly, the price. It is basically a $39,000 car fully loaded. However, it’s not as fuel efficient so let’s be clear. That’s since it does like to go PRO S! Yet I drive it efficiently. So if you do, don’t worry. Because you will not have a problem with long range trips or jaunts around your area!

Source: Volkswagen
Volkswagen of America, Inc.

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