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Discover how Eco Material Technologies has become North America’s leading producer and also supplier of sustainable cement alternatives.  For it is most importantly revolutionizing the construction industry.  That’s with their innovative, near-zero-carbon products. Their products are mostly eco friendly concrete but let’s dig in.


As the world grapples with the urgent need to reduce emissions causing a warming effect or massive pollution. So the world as a whole is looking to deal directly with combat climate change.  Now industries or companies as a whole are seeking sustainable changing up their game. Another way to look as it is they are changing their methods, in comparison to their traditional practices. Eco Material Technologies, a trailblazer in the field.  For it is spearheading the decarbonization of concrete (like I mentioned before).  


So that’s through their proprietary Green Cement technology. Their secret sauce per se is utilizing fly ash and also other pozzolans.  For Eco Material has also created sustainable substitutes for portland cement.  Thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint of concrete production. Because portland cement is very polluting to the point that conservative industries are thinking twice.


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The Green Cement Advantage

Green Cement: A Game-Changer in the Industry

Eco Material’s Green Cement technology is a breakthrough in the quest for sustainable construction materials. By reengineering pozzolanic cement.  For they have achieved a remarkable feat.  Thereby matching the one-day performance of portland cement. This means that their product, known as PozzoSlag®.  For this can replace a significant portion of the portland cement required to produce high-strength, durable concrete. In fact, after 28 days, PozzoSlag® is also approximately 20% stronger than traditional cement.  Thereby making it a superior choice; especially for construction projects.

Near-Zero-Carbon Cement

One of the most remarkable aspects of Eco Material’s Green Cement is its near-zero-carbon nature. Traditional portland cement production is notorious for its high carbon emissions, contributing to global warming. However, PozzoSlag® can be manufactured at room temperature; I mean with virtually no emissions.  Thereby making it so an eco-friendly alternative. By reducing approximately 99% of the CO2 emissions associated with cement production.  For it’s not carbon emissions it’s carbon dioxide. So therefore, Eco Material is making significant strides. Especially towards a greener future.

Innovative Technologies

Apart from their Green Cement technology, Eco Material Technologies utilizes other innovative methods.  Especially to further decarbonize concrete production. Let’s explore two of their featured technologies.

Harvesting and Beneficiation: Transforming Waste into Opportunity

Eco Material offers harvesting and beneficiation of previously disposed ash.  It’s a byproduct of coal-fueled electric generating stations. Through this process, ash is excavated.  Also, screened, dried, and processed into a quality pozzolan suitable for commercial use in concrete. By transforming waste into a valuable resource, Eco Material not only reduces environmental impact but also contributes to the circular economy.

Carbon Burn-Out: Enhancing the Quality of Fly Ash

Eco Material’s Carbon Burn-Out technology plays a crucial role in improving the quality of fly ash generated at coal-fueled electric generating stations. By enhancing the ash’s properties, it becomes suitable for use in concrete and other high-value applications. This innovative approach ensures that fly ash, a byproduct that would otherwise be wasted, can be utilized effectively, further reducing the environmental impact of concrete production.

Eco Material’s Impact

Eco Material Technologies has made significant strides in decarbonizing the construction industry. Their sustainable cement alternatives have been employed in various high-profile projects, including the construction of Texas’ I-45 highway, airport runways, and bridges. With over 4,000 unique customer locations served from 100+ sites across 45 states.  Because Eco Material’s products have paved more than 1,000 miles of highways.  Moreover and supported numerous building projects.



Eco Material Technologies is at the forefront of the sustainable construction revolution, providing innovative, near-zero-carbon alternatives to traditional cement. Their Green Cement technology, along with other groundbreaking methods.  For it is decarbonizing concrete production.  All the while reducing the industry’s environmental impact. By leveraging fly ash and other materials, Eco Material is not only cleaning up coal power plant sites.  Yet, it is also paving the way for a greener future in the materials industry.


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