While opening up old emails in my Monday ritual, I happened to find an email I did read but never go to.  It was from a person who Recently I was asked by a reader of my website to help with finding a BPI Contractor since it is hard to find on the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) website.

I’ll help people with that information.  It’s easy for me and I realize not for all.  So as a green guru, that’s how I can help you out.

For example, where do you find a solar contractor, energy auditor, geothermal specialists.  So look, if you can’t do it fine I will. 

So here it is:


So, besides helping this listener and now all of you reading this story; I know there have to be more people needing help.  So stay tuned.  I am going to make things a little easier for people.  This link will also go on my links page to.

Glad I could hopefully help you out.

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