Firstly, CNBC Reports that Baillie Gifford is Tesla Motors second-largest institutional shareholder.

UK Institutional Shareholder Based Firm Upped the Anti

So it seems that the U.K-based firm slightly increased its institutional shareholder stake. Up to 7.71 percent from 7.64 percent on Friday.

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A Tesla Model 3 car is on display during the Auto China 2018 at China International Exhibition Center on April 25, 2018 in Beijing, China. second-largest institutional shareholder

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A Tesla Model 3 car is on display during the Auto China 2018 at China International Exhibition Center on April 25, 2018 in Beijing, China.

All because Tesla institutional shareholder Baillie Gifford & Co. just increased its stake in the electric car maker it needed to made a regulatory filing. Therefore on Friday became they second-largest institutional shareholder

Bailie Gifford & Co

Therefore the U.K.-based investment management firm is Tesla’s second-largest institutional shareholder. It in total bought 108,931 of the company’s shares. That’s all during the fourth quarter, according to the filing and data compiled by FactSet.

Shares Beating Expectations

In conclusion, it now owns just over 13.2 million shares valued at roughly $4 billion. Finally Its stake increased from 7.64 percent at the end of the third quarter to 7.71 percent as of Dec. 31.

However their timing was perfect  Back in the fourth quarter, the Bears were thinking:

Although it includes a falling share price. Cause of the concerns on expiring electric vehicle credits and a mountain of debt. As well, in about five weeks all loom over Tesla as investors wait for its fourth-quarter earnings release. That’s after the markets close Wednesday. They’ll be looking to see how the last three months of the year compared with its strong third-quarter results. All which surprised investors with a profit.

Panasonic USA

Of course it has better-than expected car sales. Also they are rocking it with Panasonic USA and faster production of its Model 3 sports sedan.

As I’ve written before:

My affinity with the Panasonic USA has been for years. Since they connected with Tesla Motors I’ve been all in. Yet, when they began to create the Gigafactory, I was sold. So the Tesla Gigafactory is the battery plant building a gigawatt of batteries for the Model 3. This extremely large production of EV batteries reduce operating costs. This reduces the cost to you (buyer) by dropping battery costs per pack.

Now with the release of the Tesla Semi and the Roadster (not including the Model 3), battery purchases are gong to increase, the volume will go up and potentially further reduce the cost of each product.

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