How Casinos Becoming Green by Using Renewable Power

The world and even Las Vegas is becoming a better place when one guy goes green. Imagine the tremendous ecological impact the world’s largest casinos can have if they make the responsible decision of adopting renewable power. Choosing a sustainable path can also contribute to the bottom line of the business.

While this article is going to be about land-based casinos, online casinos like Betamo can also have their contribution to cutting energy and going green. These platforms employ dozens of people and have large offices that need a green touch, too. 

In this article, Jacek Michałski explains how casinos are becoming greener through the use of renewable energy. As an expert on the topic, he tells us more about clean energy solutions Las Vegas uses to cut costs and help combat climate change

Green Energy in Vegas

Las Vegas green energy makes about 22% of the total energy used in the world’s largest casino center. Casinos in the area must get their power from one company that is still using natural-gas-fired plants

To generate its own electricity, a casino in Las Vegas has to pay a fee. The same is true if a casino wants to buy energy on the open market. Casinos are willing to pay this fee because they believe that buying electricity from other companies is cheaper and will cover the expense.

Since casinos use these massive amounts of energy on a 24/7 basis, it becomes crucial for them to take responsibility for energy use. Not only will it benefit the bottom line of the company, but it will help the environment. An added advantage is that it will create a positive image of the casino.  

Leaders in the Industry

MGM has partnered with NRG Energy to install solar power panels on the casino’s roof to provide at least 90% of the casino’s daytime energy needs. This leadership by a large casino paves the way for other casinos to follow suit. New Vegas casinos are getting on board with using green energy, and so is The City of Las Vegas. 100% of municipal buildings are powered through renewable energy. 

A rough estimate is that an average casino saves 5-10% on their annual electricity fees if it adopts green energy. Since the inception of online casinos, physical casinos have started to find it necessary to cut costs, and saving on the massive electricity bills means higher profit margins.

It’s essential that industry leaders take the lead with greening initiatives. If they acknowledge the importance of renewable energy and take responsibility for change, smaller companies will follow their examples.   

Geographic Location

Situated in a desert, Nevada sees very little rainfall during the year, and temperatures can soar high. The combination of weather elements makes Las Vegas the perfect place to use solar energy to fulfill its massive energy needs. It can also invest in wind power to add to the energy stores. Casinos in other parts of the world have also started using green energy to power their facilities. 

Using recycled rainwater to flush toilets is another greening method Vegas has started implementing. As an alternative way to cut electricity usage, casinos decrease the number of slot machines, increasing the number of live dealer tables instead.

The Future of Vegas Energy

The future of clean energy in Las Vegas looks bright. Many casinos are seeing the financial benefits of using green energy for their operations. New Vegas casinos need to meet modern eco-friendly construction protocols, use sustainable materials, and employ energy-efficient designs to keep competitive. 

Casinos should consider natural heating and cooling methods, such as a strategic positioning of doors and windows. Another easy solution is to use LED lighting, which is already an energy-saving alternative to traditional light bulbs. 

While it might be an expensive project to undertake, greening initiatives in the casinos are essential, and the benefits will outweigh the costs.


It’s imperative for the survival of Las Vegas that more casinos use clean energy sources. While industry leaders have already started the movement, others will follow. 

Saving at least 5-10% of electricity costs is a huge benefit, while the casinos’ image changes from “greed” to “green.”

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