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As a child of the 1990s, fashion designer and collections from Daniel Silverstein. For he is also better known as Zero Waste Daniel. Daniel couldn’t think of no greater fashion icon than The Nanny’s Fran Fine. So when secondhand shopping platform thredUP presented Silverstein with the opportunity to create an upcycled holiday fashion collection inspired by Fran Drescher — that Drescher herself would be wearing — it “was literally a dream come” for the designer.

Daniel Silverstein zero waste Daniel

“She is a genuine ‘90s fashion icon. And I grew up watching The Nanny. My personal style is informed by those decisions that I saw in those risks that I saw her take,” Silverstein tells Green Matters on a recent call.

“We know Fran Fine, but Fran Drescher is funny and warm and unexpected, and has all of these great characteristics, so the clothing actually had to be really fun … it had to be as over the top as she is,” he adds

.Zero Waste Daniel’s holiday collection launched on and in partnership with thredUP in November 2022.  For it’s giving holiday shoppers plenty of time to browse through the Drescher-inspired offerings.  All created by Silverstein and his staff.  Most importantly, all of which are made with Zero Waste Daniel’s classic “reroll”.  That’s leftover fabric and scraps that would have otherwise been thrown away by other brands.

Zero Waste Daniel Collection

The reroll for this new collection was made from old secondhand clothes from thredUP.  Those that otherwise could not have been resold. The collection includes patchwork sweatshirts, jackets and bucket hats.  Also scrunchies, dog beds, fabric bowls, and more, starting at $10. Plus, thredUP is donating 20 percent of the collection’s proceeds to Drescher’s organization Cancer Schmancer.

In addition, Silverstein has made a name for himself over the past few years.  That’s also by growing the Zero Waste Daniel with his unique upcycled fabric.  For he makes looks for RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants.  Also even partnering with death startup Coeio to design the Infinity Burial Suit. I mean he’s only just getting started.

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