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Learn From my FRIEND What Eco-Friendly / Green Features Can Make Your Home More Valuable 

There are a lot of things to consider upon your home appraisal in order to get the highest value for your home. Getting the highest value after a home appraisal is important. Yet unfortunately, most people don’t know how to do this besides completing basic tasks. I mean like fixing up their yard and straightening up their interior. 

So as people are becoming more environmentally aware, a great way to boost the value of your home is by adding green features. Green features help in making your home more environmentally savvy. Even and as well as sustainable. In addition, these are features homebuyers are looking for so will boost the value of your property. 

Home appraisers in Philadelphia pointed out in part:

An eco- friendly home is worth more than a luxury home. This could also likely be attributed to people’s realization of how important it is to take care of the environment. All before it’s too late.

Moreover, here are some green features that will help with your home appraisal. Even and as well as environmental  conservation:

Improved Insulation

A lot of a home’s energy is used on heating and cooling systems; usually, this is because the insulation isn’t doing a great job of keeping warm and cool air in the home. Installing proper insulation however could greatly impact the amount of energy that people are using. That which will have a positive impact on the environment. 

Insulation in the Attic

Energy Efficient Lighting

In addition, lighting a home is also where a lot of a home’s energy goes. A great way to make your lighting energy efficient is by installing LED bulbs. Yes in your lighting fixtures. Because LED bulbs to use ⅓ of the energy than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs do while also lasting 80% longer. Yes folks, LED bulbs not only conserve energy. However they also will create less waste because of their prolonged lifespan.

LED bulbs are also an energy-efficient form of lighting because they convert 95% of the energy they create into the light, wasting only about 5% of the energy as heat. 

Smart Devices

Furthermore, smart devices are a new innovation in green home technology. At even CES 2020, Smart devices showed a number of benefits. They also give you the ability to control home devices from a remote place using your cell phone, computer, or tablet. Also, a smart thermostat and smart lighting systems are among some of the most popular smart devices. All that can help your home get a better value after a home appraisal.

Moreover, a smart thermostat allows you to control the heat and air conditioning. Even when you aren’t home so you aren’t running either system when you don’t need to be. Similarly, a smart lighting system allows you to control lights so you aren’t leaving any on when unnecessary; this is particularly helpful for outdoor lighting. 

Another way to make your home more valuable for a home appraisal is by installing smart irrigation or sprinkler systems. A smart irrigation system gives you the ability to water your landscape depending on the weather, season, and time of day all from one of your devices. 

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to make your home more eco-friendly. Especially and in order to get a better home appraisal value. Solar panels convert the sun’s heat into energy that can be used to light or power a home. Homes that have solar panels have a high appraisal value because homebuyers want a home that has this outstanding feature. Besides being environmentally friendly by saving energy and electricity, solar panels will also cut an electricity bill down significantly a home feature that every potential homeowner wants. 

Solar and wind. other avenues solar installation 1 reduced size

Eco-Friendly Decor

Decorating your home to be eco-friendly can make your home more valuable too. For example, installing bamboo flooring and using low VOC paint are great ways to make your home look great while also being kind to the environment. 

Flooring is an important thing to keep in mind prior to a home appraisal. Home appraisers will value your home more if the flooring doesn’t need to be repaired or replaced. In conclusion. Installing bamboo floors is affordable and environmentally friendly. Therefore it will help in making your home worth more.

Bamboo is also a natural resource that regenerates quickly. That’s because using bamboo will not leave a carbon footprint when cutting down. Similarly, bamboo is grass so it doesn’t require machines to cut it down which is also beneficial to the environment. As well, bamboo is also extremely hard and durable. All so it will not scratch easily, making it enticing to home appraisers and buyers. 

Low VOC paints improve the quality of indoor air as well as reducing smog. Low VOC paints also do not use harsh chemicals that can damage the air by putting toxins into it.

Green Characteristics are Key

Finally, it’s important to make your home as intriguing to home appraisers as possible. Keeping these green features and characteristics in mind when preparing your home for appraisal are great tips. Tips to ensure you are getting the right value for your home. Especially while also being environmentally friendly. 

Article By Jennifer Bell

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